Awesome Adventures in Alberta

Alberta is the ideal destination for those who prefer a little adventure and excitement during their holiday. The stunning landscape cries out to be explored, with its crystal clear glaciers, scenic lakes, endless prairies and, of course, the Rocky Mountains. The Province of Alberta is famous for the National Parks of Banff and Jasper, the beauty of Lake Louise, and the city of Calgary. Other lesser-known destinations include Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie

Living It Up at the Lakes

The lakes are the ideal place to enjoy some water-based adventures, with kayaking and canoeing being popular options. Moraine Lake is a less-crowded option to visit and is situated in Banff National Park, surrounded by waterfalls, rock piles and mountains. Its water is a dazzling shade of turquoise, due to the light reflecting from the glacier that flows into the lake. Hikers will enjoy the Rockpile Trail, which is relatively easy, and suitable for families. It leads to the top of a natural dam with fabulous views. Cross-country skiing is available during the winter season, with a nine-mile trail leading to the romantically-named Consolation Valley.

Getting to Grips with the Glaciers

Glacier trips and their associated activities provide the ultimate adrenaline rush, perfect for thrill seekers. The Conrad Ice Field may seem impossibly beautiful and peaceful, but an exhilarating zip-line lies in wait, taking visitors over a raging river. Glacier trekking is undoubtedly not for the faint-hearted and can be experienced at Bugaboo Provincial Park, surrounded by magnificent granite spires.

The High Life on Horseback

Horse-riding is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the nature around Lake Loise in Banff National Park. Centuries-old stables offer trips up into the Canadian Rockies, visiting the iconic locations of the Lake Agnes Tea House and the Giant Steps. The horse-back adventures take place along trails through forests, and beneath awe-inspiring rock faces, with stunning viewpoints awaiting around every corner.

Trails on Two Wheels

Cyclists will enjoy their spin along some of Alberta’s most scenic routes, discovering the alpine meadows and jaw-dropping mountain peaks. Mountain biking is available, with a challenging ride around the Lake Minnewanka trail, which has some problematic climbs on a narrow track. Crowsnest Pass is a popular destination for riders who wish to show off their mountain biking skills, with ample opportunities for railing, rolling and jumping.

Alberta is not to be missed when it comes to adventure holidays. There are options for all ages and all seasons. Summer activities include swimming, boating and camping, while winter visitors will enjoy cross-country skiing, dog sledging and ice climbing. Canoeing, kayaking and mountaineering are always possible in the national parks, with the glaciers providing the opportunity for fishing, skating and snowboarding. Alberta really is the all-around adventure destination.